Laboratoire XO has been created in 2015.

We are adynamic French pharmaceutical company on a human scale and we have achieved a turnover of more than 49 million euros in 2021.

Laboratoire X.O is a pharmaceutical company with mature marketing authorisations in various therapeutic areas such as pain, Central Nervous System, cardiology, oral care and women’s health.

We have grown both organically through the success of our brands, through international expansion and externally through acquisitions, including more than 18 in the last 6 years.

We are committed to being as close as possible to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, whether through our medicines, medical devices or cosmetics. We rely on our own network of medical sales representatives as well as partner networks of pharmaceutical representatives and medical sales representatives, ready to invest in the development of our products.

In September 2022, Laboratoire X.O is entering a new stage of its growth with the support of Stanley Capital. This European fund is committing itself alongside Laboratoire X.O in a dynamic acquisition strategy in Europe, with substantial additional financing already agreed.