As part of the extension of Laboratoire X.O’s range of OTC products, a new range of cosmetic mouthwashes with disruptive flavours has been launched: Prexifresh Mango & Mint.

This is a daily treatment whose objective is to reduce the bacterial load with an antiseptic action while combining effectiveness and pleasure.

Laboratoire X.O’s aim is to focus on the patient by offering an exceptional mouthwash experience, particularly with Prexifresh Mango, which offers a real pleasure in the mouth without compromising on effectiveness.

The daily mouthwash market is growing rapidly.

Approximately 3 million daily mouthwashes are sold each year, which represents a turnover of almost €20 million.

The creation of Prexifresh came from the observation that daily mouthwashes currently sold in pharmacies are very similar:

  • A very pronounced clove taste, which tends to burn the cheeks..

    Laboratoire X.O wanted to stand out in this constantly evolving market. We therefore opted with Prexifresh for pleasant and disruptive flavours of mint and mango

  • A very ‘mass-market’ packaging that is not beautiful, not attractive  

    Prexifresh breaks these codes with its elegant packaging that will seduce the consumer

  • Very few mini formats available on the market 

    We offer our 100 ml “travel” format in addition to the classic 500ml format

The Laboratoire XO has put its expertise into the development of a unique formula:

  • Reinforces the effectiveness of brushing because it remains in the mouth for a long time without rinsing
  • To be used every day in addition to brushing as it contains 0% sugar
  • Leaves a fresh and pleasant taste in the mouth: refreshes the breath durably with its subtle taste of Mint & Mango
  • Helps protect the gums with Cetylpyridinium chloride (anti-bacterial)
  • Strengthens tooth enamel with Sodium fluoride
  • Fights plaque and its reformation on a daily basis
  • Its unique flavours, refreshing mango and mint
  • Its softness, does not sting in the mouth as it contains 0% alcohol