Laboratoire X.O is a French success story.

Our objective? To provide patients and healthcare professionals with innovative, qualitative products of real therapeutic interest.

The story began in 2015 with the acquisition of 2 brands identified by our Managing Director Karine Pinon.

Following her meeting with Gérard Leduc, both agreed on the potential of these brands to be the basis of a qualitative business model: Acquire well-established and mature brands with a good reputation to boost the life cycle management of these brands.

Always in line with our values, Laboratoire X.O is now ranked in the top third of French laboratories in 5 years.

2021 in figures :

  • 30 employees
  • Turnover of €49,5 million
  • 18 products
  • Present in 21 countries
  • With the support of 18 distributors

Our playground :

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Pharmacie Groups
  • Wholesalers – distributors

Laboratoire X.O is also:

A particularly active network in mergers and acquisitions:

  • Excellent knowledge of the network and the industry
  • Consistent and quality monitoring following the identification of targeted products
  • Proactive approach (lobbying) or brokers.

Real credibility in the market:

  • Laboratoire X.O has been identified as a key player with a solid track record
  • A strong capacity to integrate new products (Industrial transfer, Regulatory including MA in export territories).

High agility:

  • Ability to consider an opportunity at short notice
  • Robustness of pricing offer
  • Ability to obtain funds from banks

5 years Laboratoire XO during which we have integrated new talents, new products, new ideas and new projects with always the objective to take care of each person our priority.